How to Select Your Villa

Bali Best Villas

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How to select the most suitable villa for your holiday! Select the villa depending upon how many bedrooms or people are traveling with you. Usually 2 people per room sharing 1 double bed unless otherwise specified that a villa has share twin single beds in a particular room. In some cases a rollaway bed can be added in a room at extra cost and with prior approval from the management.

All our villas have swimming pools and indoor / outdoor living spaces and guests traveling with young children may require extra facilities like pool fences and or baby sitting services, which need to be pre-arranged, be sure to choose a villa that caters well to families. Select a villa that fits with your price range, all villa pricing is clearly shown on our sites.

Location is also an important part of the decision making process and all our villas have a map showing where the villa is situated. Don't hesitate to ask us for further details if required. Personal preferences are important, guests may want a villa with a long swimming pool for morning exercise while others might be looking for a villa with large dining area for entertaining or hosting a dinner party.

Each villa has a floor plan showing the exact layout of the property making these decisions easier. Finally ask us for help if your not sure. Our reservations team knows each villa very well and can answer all your questions.